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Our Motto


Our Mission

Pacific World School is set to emerge as a center of excellence in Education with focus on simultaneous development of mind & body and soul, nurturing compassionate, responsible and creative global citizens.

Our Vision

Pacific World School is committed to provide a comprehensive education to the students in a happy and congenial learning environment. The trained and experienced faculty will impart education and knowledge not only through classroom teaching but also by setting right examples of academic excellence, deportment and soft skills.

Our Core Values


The core values underlying our mission and vision shall form the leitmotif of all the academic, cultural, physical, national and international endeavors of the school.
Thus, while excellence will be the key word behind designing every lesson plan, Ethics may constitute the theme of a Sports Day; Enterprise, be the idea behind carnivals and fetes in the school and promoting the spirit of Enquiry, be the central thought in our social initiatives.

Pacific World School Introduction

The Pacific World School is an initiative of the Pacific Group, the proud promoters of DPS Indirapuram, one of the best schools in the country. The Pacific World School has a state-of-the-art infra-structure, with 10 acres of lush green environs, distinguished faculty, exceptional sports facilities and variety of global school programs.
Pacific World School Greater Noida thus, is a dream school for new age students who seek the best in academics, sports & extra-curricular activities, life skills, soft skills, international programs and latest technologies. Mentored by Mrs. Meeta Rai,the Founder Principal,DPS Indirapuram as its Director,Pacific World School is set to embark on a journey of excellence. Nurtured by DPS Indirapuram, an institution known for academic and overall excellence, Pacific World School has two state- of- the art auditoria, exceptional sports facilities including Cricket Field,Boxing Ring,Tennis Courts,Squash Courts, Badminton Courts and two roof-top, international standard Swimming Pools.
The school believes in the mantra of passion and compassion; passion for all good initiatives and compassion for all creatures great and small. All the academic, co-and extracurricular activities of the school are based on our motto, our mission and our core values. Our students are nurtured in a loving and caring eco-system, with an understanding that they will imbibe the best qualities of the head and heart and learn to overcome life's myriad challenges.

Our Teaching And Learning Philosophy

School is the first environment that a child enters after the safe atmosphere of home. To make this transition seamless and exciting for the young learners, the Pacific World School ensures that they are not only safe and happy but excited to come to school.
The teaching philosophy of the school melds the activity based learning in accordance with Howard Gardener’s principle of multiple intelligences which suggests that a child may learn in different ways depending on her/his innate aptitude. Education is indeed a journey together where the teachers help the child discover and hone his/her strengths and talents. School is a place of great diversity where the students learn to enjoy similarities and celebrate differences. Once a student enters the portals of school, she/he has only one identity, that of a proud student of Pacific World School, and one aim, that is to make tomorrow better than today.

Pacific World School

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