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Best School in Noida Extension 2023-24

Parents expect a good school to deliver high-quality education to their children. They require the school to equip the children with the necessary knowledge and skills to lead a successful life. A school that ensures this along with focusing on the children’s overall development is branded as the best school. Pacific World School is one of the best cbse school in Noida Extension. At Pacific World School, children are empowered with the right knowledge and tools to lead and guide our future in the right direction.

Pacific World School in Noida Extension is one of the best schools in the region, providing high-quality education to students from nursery to class 12. The school is known for its holistic approach to education, which focuses on the overall development of the child, including academic, social, emotional, and physical growth. 

Here, children are encouraged to become unique, creative, innovative, curious, and balanced individuals.

Pacific World School maintains a healthy learning environment on its grand campus. The school enables efficient learning through digitally-smart learning equipment, well-maintained infrastructure, and experienced teaching faculty.

What makes Pacific World School the best school in Noida Extension?

1. Motto, Mission, and Vision

Our motto is defined in three terms – Empowerment, Empathy, and Excellence.

We believe in empowering our students with high-quality knowledge, skills, and tools. Instilling empathy in them to aid them in developing compassion for all living beings and our Mother Earth has always been our aim. We facilitate an excellent learning environment on our campus by offering a transformative learning curve with out-of-the-box teaching methods.

The school operates with the sole mission of encouraging the continuous development of the students. We focus on the development of mind, body, and soul so that our students become global citizens of this world.

The school has a definite vision of encouraging students to become principled, compassionate, and balanced individuals. The school prepares the students to contribute to our wider community in a productive and efficient manner.

2. Focus on the Development of Children

The school ensures the overall development of its students by encouraging them to become the best version of themselves.

At Pacific World School, each student receives personal attention from the teaching faculty. The school implements a strict 1:15 teacher-student ratio in all the classrooms. The students are provided with the teachers’ undivided attention and encouraged to realize their potential in a systematic manner.

Students are mandated to participate in workshops, presentations, debates, and discussions. This prepares children to become autonomous personalities and inculcate leadership qualities.

The school offers specialized sports coaching to all students from class 1 onwards. Participating in sports is mandatory as the school believes that sports teach leadership skills and the value of co-ordination, loyalty, and commitment to the children.

The school also collaborates with international bodies of education like British Council, Unified Council, and Scholastic to provide unique learning platforms to its students in their formative years.

3. Excellent Infrastructure

The school covers a grand area of 10 acres and offers a world-class infrastructure. The school presents air-conditioned smart classrooms, a well-designed auditorium, multi-purpose hall and amphitheatre, a well-stocked library, a cafeteria that serves highly nutritious food, well-maintained laboratories and excellent sports facilities like courts, rinks, fields, and a gymnasium.

4. Provision of Global Awareness

The school provides global awareness to its students through its curriculum, activities, and events. The students are encouraged to become enriched with global knowledge and be enlightened with global culture. The school tries to inculcate the value of peace, harmony, and tolerance in its students. The students are encouraged to develop into good and balanced individuals.

5. Safety and Security Measures

The school ensures the safety and security of all students by hiring verified staff and having female attendants in the washrooms and school buses. Pacific World School has installed CCTV cameras at all strategic points on campus and offers a fleet of school buses with GPS-enabled tracking systems.

The school also offers a well set-up clinic with a dedicated medical professional and an ambulance on campus for medical emergencies. Fire drills and emergency evacuation drills are conducted regularly to prepare students for other types of emergency situations as well.

6. Transparency in Policies, Communication, and Fee Structure

Transparency is maintained by the school at all times. The school facilitates clear communication between the school administration, parents, and teachers, and of its policies to the parents. The school also provides an open fee structure on its website with no hidden charges or unambiguity whatsoever.

All these features make Pacific World School the best school in Noida Extension.

Download our brochure or browse our website to learn more about the school. Pacific World is open for admissions for pre-nursery and till class 9.

Fill and submit the registration form on our website to enroll your child in Pacific World School in the upcoming academic session of 2023-2024. Contact us via email or phone for any queries.

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