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Why is Pacific World School the best School in Noida for Class 11?

Pacific World School understands the value and importance of a good education. The school has a clear mission of establishing itself as a core centre of excellence in education. Where children are groomed into becoming well-learned, well-informed and well-aware individuals as well as compassionate, nurturing and creative beings.

The school wishes to transform children into the best future in this world by delivering the highest quality of education on its campus.

At Pacific World School, children receive a transformative learning experience. That prepares them to become global citizens which results in them contributing to our collective efforts of improving our wider community.

Why is Pacific World School the best School in Noida for Class 11?

Pacific World School has been able to successfully differentiate itself from other top school in Noida Extension by following the unique concept of five Es’. The school believes in:-


The school believes that it is very important for children and teachers to experiment in most sectors of education to learn and grow in new and better ways. Without experiments, there is little to no evolution and without evolution, there is no progress.


The school believes that one progresses in life by learning from varied experiences. Experiences are not only learning lessons but are also success milestones. So, it is very important to be open to different types of experiences in academics and life.


The school tries to maintain a healthy learning environment on its campus. The school is highly proactive in enabling new constructive suggestions and recommendations regarding amenities, events, academics, extracurriculars and policies.


The school takes multiple initiatives simultaneously to enlighten both teachers and students at every turn of academic life. By making enlightenment a goal, the school is able to put its resources to use in achieving it.


Pacific World school maintains, its reputation of being a core centre of excellence in education by emulating new trends in education in a seamless manner. The school keeps a tab on new discoveries, trends, assessments, reports and inventions and tries to implement productive changes on its campus.

How Pacific World School is Best School for Class 11?

Pacific World School is affiliated with the CBSE education board and offers K-12 education on its campus. The school proves itself the best in all aspects such as academic excellence, extra-curricular activities, the CBSE Curriculum, all this makes it the best school in Noida for Class 11. 

The admission process for Class 11 requires students to appear for a comprehensive written test based on the syllabus of class 10. Post, which an interview with the Principal is conducted. The school offers scholarships to meritorious students and students who are sports enthusiasts as the school recognises and validates talent in all children.

The school offers three streams in class 11 – Science, Commerce and Humanities. Children are required to choose one stream based on their aptitude, interest and future career plans. A customised written test is conducted for each of the three streams during the admission process.

The school is known for its experienced teaching faculty. The teachers hold decades of teaching experience and are highly trained in delivering high-quality education in the most efficient manner. The school ensures that each teacher at Pacific World School possesses certain qualities like empathy, passion, dedication, devotion and an ever-learning spirit.

Sports at Pacific World School

Pacific World School offers excellent sports facilities on its campus. The school makes it mandatory for students to participate in a sport of their choice. As the school believes that sports teach valuable skills like leadership, team spirit, loyalty, dedication and hard work to children.

The school offers professional-level sports training to students. The sports coaches are experienced sportsmen who help students learn and develop the necessary skills to ace different sports play.

Class 11 students can develop sports skills in badminton, basketball, cricket, gymnastics, lawn tennis, skating, soccer, swimming, table tennis and taekwondo.

Enrol your child at Pacific World School

Pacific World School is the best School in Noida for Class 11. Fill in the New Student Registration Form to initiate the admission process. Check out the fee structure of class 11 and Fill in the New Student Registration Form.

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