Which is the best Nursery school in Greater Noida West?

A good education base is extremely important in a child’s life as it allows for effective studies later in life.

A child whose early and primary education has been built on a stable base is better equipped with the necessary capabilities to understand complex concepts when pursuing higher education. This is why it is important that children have a good education in their formative years. Many parents understand this and ensure that their children are enrolled in the best Nursery school in Greater Noida West.

Parents always want to offer the best resources to their children. And do so, by making sure that their little ones are gaining knowledge from highly experienced teachers in a healthy and safe learning environment.

Pacific World School has been delivering the highest quality of education with the best interest of its students in mind.

The renowned school stands by the idea of letting children explore who they are and what they want to be. The school does a fantastic job of encouraging children to acknowledge their capabilities and aid them in becoming the best version of themselves.

Pacific World School respects individuality and is known for guiding children according to their respective aptitudes, skill sets, interests, and talents. The school makes a commitment to not overlook or overshadowed the children’s inherent potential.

The school’s efforts in delivering the best education to young children have been recognized and appreciated with numerous awards – the school ranked no. 1 in Innovators Category by the Times School Survey 2020 and was rated the Best School in Greater Noida West by Go 4 Reviews Survey 2020.

Why is Pacific World School the best Nursery school in Greater Noida West?

Pacific World School offers a grand campus of 10 acres with advanced facilities and all modern amenities. The school offers air-conditioned classrooms, well-stocked activity rooms, and a reading and storytelling room. At the pre-primary level, two teachers and one helper ensure the overall safety, security, and development of the children. The school ensures that little children are escorted by the teachers and helpers from the entry gate to the classrooms.

Pacific World School has a keen focus on the overall development of children. The school gives equal attention to both academic activities and extracurricular activities. Children are encouraged to participate in various events that aid in building their confidence, morale, and communication skills. The school understands that children are our future and puts effort into encouraging a compassionate, sincere, and aware outlook in their lives.

Children are molded into becoming well-learned, self-aware, and kind individuals who respect all beings fairly and work towards leading successful lives in the future.

Pacific World School is the best school in Noida for Nursery classes!

The school organizes various events and activities regularly that help the children in exploring our vast world. Children are provided with ample opportunities to become globally aware and are instilled with pride in their culture and nation.

The teachers provide personal attention to every child and maintain a strict 1:15 teacher-student ratio in all classrooms.

At Pacific World School, The teachers are trained in handling all emergencies. And, are experts in identifying the children’s problems and concerns that hinder them from excelling in school.

Pacific World School ensures that there is a transparent flow of communication between the school and the parents. The school has introduced a mobile application that parents can download to keep themselves updated about their children’s academic progress. Parents can also provide feedback to the school through this digital communication platform.

Pacific World School is the best Nursery school in Noida. The school has been successful in creating an enabling learning environment where children are encouraged to explore and experiment and are appreciated for their curiosity. With the purpose of giving children interesting and unique opportunities and resources. The school collaborates with numerous leading international leaders in education.

Also, the school organizes educational events in collaboration with many educational bodies to offer regional, national and international exposure to children. Pacific World School is currently open for admissions in the ongoing academic session.

To enroll your child in the best Nursery school in Noida, register your child here and fill out the admission form.


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