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Message from the Desk of The Chairperson

I feel privileged to introduce Pacific World School to you!

The school strongly believes in empowering the students, awakening the feeling of empathy towords fellow being and excellence in scholastic and non-scholastic areas.We provide great opportunities to Pacificans to emerge as confident and thoughtful young citizens who are prepared for any future challenges.The moment any child becomes a Pacifican, we ensure that he/she feels a sense of happiness and safety and nothing hinders his /her path towords success. It is our constant endeavour to motivate the students to make right choices so that eventually they follow their dreams and reach there destination.We ensure that the dedicated staff incomparable facilities and state-of-the-art infrastructure provided to students create an ambience of excellent academic support and fun-filled co-corricular activities.

I am sure that each Pacifican will have a story of success and inspiration to tell once they graduate from the school.


Mrs. Santosh Bansal
Chairperson, Pacific World School &
DPS Indirapuram.

Pacific World School

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