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Our Cutting Edge


We take pride in possessing an edge over other educational establishments and the following bits make us unique.

a.With the complete involvement, support and guidance of Delhi Public School, Indirapuram, we may conveniently and confidently state that we fully know how to strike the best balance between scholastic and co-scholastic interventions.
b.The school believes that every student is unique and must be handled in the best suited manner and hence Individual Attention is the norm. To abide by it, ideal teacher student ratio is maintained.
c.The infrastructural support, the mentors and overall environment bring out the best from each student in various spheres.


The school lays due emphasis on sports and strongly feels that a bright and promising career can be built in this arena. Only a selected schools in the

i.The school has a highly appreciable policy that each student must opt for one outdoor game.
ii.The sports infrastructure is unparallel and is designed and developed by a team of experts who know their job quite well.
iii.The equipment used are most modern and latest on a par with global standards.
iv.The mentors, coaches and other staff are highly qualified, duly experienced, and fully dedicated.
v.The highest safety and security standards have been met at each stage.
vi.The visits of top rung players, emerging aspirants and established coaches.
vii.Encouragement and opportunities in galore to participate in a range of sports events at different levels and in different regions and nations.


The other extra-curricular activities are equally important to inculcate higher level of confidence, energy, enthusiasm, broader perspectives and wider horizons. The school has undertaken various measures to strengthen this aspect of education.

a. Best infrastructural facilities for dance, drama, music and others.
b.Selected and dedicated mentors to guide the students in such activities.
c.Exposure to a range of extra-curricular activities to the students on a continuous basis so that it becomes an integral part of their learning drive.
d.Different active and engaging Committees by, for and of the students with mentor’s supervision in place.
e.The Committees keep organizing different events to keep the spirits high and objectives intact.

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