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Teachers - Our Asset

The objectives may appear tall and unachievable but if a strong and committed team gets formed, anything and everything gets accomplished. The school considers the teachers as its backbone and real towers of strength. Besides, the desired qualification and relevant work experience, the school follows stringent procedure of selecting the teachers and the following attributes are taken into account.

  • Empathy
  • Passion
  • Dedication and Devotion
  • Ever-Learning Spirit
  • Boundless love for the students

These attributes are given due consideration during the selection process.
Moreover, the school takes various steps to further nurture and refine the teachers for their individual growth and organizational development.

a.Involved in different decision-making processes.
b.Given independent duties to handle some important aspects.
c.Undergo various training, attend seminars and workshops directed towards overall nurturing.
d.Receive an opportunity to be a part of various teachers’ exchange programmes.
e.Career path is designed purely dependent upon performance and delivery.
f.Enough room is provided towards experimentation and introduce innovative ways of learning.

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