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Ms. Pooja Bose
Principal, Pacific World School

Ms.Pooja Bose brings with her over 28yrs. of vast experience of working with various schools all across India. She is a graduate from Delhi University and a Post Graduate in Education and English Literature. She is a Certified English Language Trainer from The Cambridge University. She has been connected with various well known schools of the country such as DPS Greater Noida, DPS Jodhpur, DPS Rudrapur, K. R Mangalam, St.Xaviers, The Sagar School and The High Range School Munnar, Kerela to name a few.

Ms.Pooja Bose is also an avid teacher trainer and believes in professional education and participating leadership. She has won several awards which speak volume about her achievement and accomplishments.

She brings with her a rich experience and progressive ideas, which are fully aligned to the 21st Century education system.

S.No. Name Designation Experience Qualification
1 Ms. Pooja Bose Principal 28 Years B.Sc(H) B.Ed, MA (English) MA Education CELTA Cambridge University
2 Ms. Awani Singh Head Mistress 08 Years M.Com, B.Com, B.Ed. Diploma Certificate in Leading School Strategy and Innovation (Harvard Business School)
3 Ms. Pooja Suri Pre-Primary Coordinator 20 Years M.A. (English), B.Ed.
4 Mr. Nitin Kumar PGT Economics 10 Years M.A.(Economics), MBA (Finance), B.A., B.ED
5 Ms. Megha Bansal TGT French 11 Years B. Com., Diploma in French Langauge
6 Ms. Sanchita Das Singha PGT English 09 Years M.A., B.Ed, Pursuing M.Ed
7 Ms. Swati Chhabra PGT Chemistry 06 Years M.Sc. (Chemistry), B.Ed
8 Dr. Shweta Rai PGT Biology 06 Years Ph.D (Biomedical Science), M.Sc. Biotechnology, E.Ed
9 Ms. Prisha Chaudhary PGT History 02 Years M.A. (History), B.A.(History), B.Ed, Pursuing Ph.D
10 Ms. Shreya Chopra PGT Political Science 6 Years M.A.(Political Science), B.A. (Political Science Hons), B.ED, CTET
11 Mr. Sahil PGT Accountancy 8 Years MBA(Finance), M.COM, B.COM HONS (Finance), B.ED
12 Ms. Shuchi Mahtta PGT Psychology(School Counsellor) 11 Years M.A.(Psychology), B.A.(Psychology), B.ED
13 Ms. Ashima Chauhan TGT (Science) 07 Years B.Sc., M.Sc., B. ED. CTET
14 Mr. Ajay Pal Singh Negi TGT (Music) 05 Years B.Sc, B.A. Music (H), Pursuing M.A. Music (H)
15 Ms. Rashmi Gargya Dabral TGT (Hindi) 10 Years BA, MA, B.Ed., CTET
16 Ms. Sudhriti Dutta TGT (English) 12 Years BA, MA, B.Ed., B.Mus
17 Mr. Avinash Kumar TGT (Dance) 09 Years BA, Diploma in Contemporary & Creative Dance, Junior & Senior Diploma in Kathak
18 Ms. Anuradha Gupta TGT (Computer Science) 05 Years BCA, MCA, M. Tech
19 Ms. Sapna Shukla TGT (Computer Science) 18 Years M.TECH
20 Mr. Umesh Kumar TGT ART 9 Years MFA, BFA
21 Ms. Manik Sharma TGT (Math) 17 Years B.Sc, M.Sc, B.Ed, CTET
22 Ms.Sakshi Seth TGT (Science) 16 Years M.Sc (Chem), B.Ed, CTET Qualified
23 Ms. Ruchi Jain TGT (Geography) 13 Years M.A.(Geography), B.Ed
24 Ms. Amandeep Kaur TGT (English) 10 Years M.A. (English), B.Ed, B.Com, PGDBM, CTET Qualified
25 Ms. Shuchi Smita TGT (English) 6 Years M.A.(English), M.A. (Sociology), B.ED, CTET
26 Ms. Swati Gannavarpu TGT (Mathematics) 09 Years B.E. (Electronics & Telecommunication), B.Ed, Bachelors in Transforming Secondary Education (BTSE)
27 Ms. Sameera TGT (Hindi) 16 Years M.A. (Hindi), B.A, B.Ed
28 Ms. Mousumi Das TGT (ART) 15 Years B.Sc, MFA, Diploma in Fine Arts
29 Ms. Manasvi Verma Special Educator 03 Years BA, B.Ed (Special Education) Pursuing M.A (Psychology)
30 Ms. Supriya Kumar PRT General 09 Years B. Sc. M. Sc. B.Ed.
31 Ms. Navdeep Kaur PRT (Social Studies) 10 Years B.Sc., M.Sc., B. ED. CTET
32 Ms. Karuna Deb PRT (Physical Education) 04 Years B.P.Ed, MP.Ed
33 Ms. Madhusha Srivastava PRT (Physical Education) 05 Years B.P.Ed, M.P.Ed
34 Ms. Nidhi Mittal PRT (Math) 09 Years B.Sc. B.Ed.
35 Ms. Monika Kumari Gupta PRT (Hindi) 05 Years B.A (Hindi), M.A (Hindi), B.Ed, UGC-NET
36 Ms. Sonia Saini PRT (German) 03 Years B.Sc. M.Sc, B.Ed., German Language Course
37 Ms. Ruchi Singh PRT 7 Years MBA, B.ED, B.COM, CTET
38 Ms. Neha Tandon PRT (General) 06 Years B.Com, MA, BTMS, B.Ed.
39 Ms. Reena Dhama PRT 12 Years M.SC, B.ED, CTET
40 Ms. Sanchi Singhal PRT 09 Years B.A., B.Ed, M.A. (Education), CTET
41 Ms. Shruti Shikha PRT (General) 09 Years B.Sc, M.Sc, B.Ed, CTET, PH.D (Environmental Science)
42 Ms. Raji S. Nair PRT (General) 13 Years B.A (Eng.), M.A (Eng.), B.Ed.
43 Ms. Deepika Kamra PRT (General) 14 Years B.A, M.A (Eng.), B.Ed
44 Ms. Sakshi Rastogi PRT 4 Years MCA,B.SC, B.ED, CTET
45 Ms. Suruchi Gupta PRT (General) 18 Years B.EL.ED, M.A (English)
46 Ms. Karishma Bansal PRT (General) 19 Years B.Com, NTT, B.Ed.
47 Ms. Aparajita Batabyal PRT (General) 06 Years LLB, NTT
48 Ms. Deepika Karmakar PRT (General) 11 Years B.A, M.A, NTT, B.ED
49 Ms. Sonia Sharma PRT (General) 09 Years B.A., Diploma in PTT
50 Ms. Parul Papreja PRT (English) 06 Years BA, MA, B.ED., M. Ed., CTET
51 Ms. Shilpi Saxena PRT 13 Years B.Sc, MCA, NTT
52 Ms. Neelam Bhandari PRT 7.5 Years M.A., B.ED
53 Ms. Shweta Wahie PRT 4.5 Years B.SC, B.ED, PG Diploma in GMT
54 Ms. Twinkle Sharma PRT 5 Years MBA, B.ED, B.SC.
55 Ms. Vimal Arora PRT 7 Years Masters in Abacus Education, B.COM, B.ED
56 Ms. Karishma Srivastava PRT 15 Years M.A., B.ED, CTET
57 Ms. Tanu Mahajan PRT 8 Years B.ED, Pursuing M.A.(Psychology)
58 Ms. Priyanka Das PRT 21 Years M.A., B.ED
59 Ms. Shweta Jain PRT 11 Years B.COM,B.ED,CTET
60 Ms. Rachna J Dadhwal PRT 10 Years M.COM, B.ED
61 Ms. Sandipa Ghosh PRT 9 Years B.SC, B.ED
62 Ms. Anamika Banerjee PRT 9 Years M.A., B.ED
63 Ms. Sudipta Singh PRT 12 Years M.A., B.ED
64 Ms. Nandita Moria PRT 1 YEAR B.A., B.ED
65 Ms. Iqra Khan PRT 3.6 Years M.SC, B.SC, B.ED,CTET
66 Ms. Ashima Gupta PRT 18 Years M.ED, MBA, B.ED, NTT
67 Ms. Pratima Pandey PRT Hindi 6 Years M.A., B.ED
68 Ms. Neha Verma PRT Hindi 11 Years M.A., B.ED
69 Ms. Farida Aara PRT English Fresher B.A.(English Hons.), B.ED
70 Ms. Eden Diana D'Souza PRT English 8 Years B.A.(Elective English & French),B.ED, Pursuing M.A.
71 Mr. Shuaeb Ahmad PRT Music 11 Years B.A. Music (Prabhakar)
72 Ms. Vaishali Arora PRT Dance 9 Years M.A., B.EL.ED, Professional Dance Certificate
73 Ms. Richa Vats PRT Computer 11 Years MCA, B.SC, B.ED
74 Ms. Sunaina Saxena PRT French 10 Years M.A.(French),B.A.(English Hons) Level B1 (French)
75 Ms. Anita Sharma PRT Hindi 12 Years M.A., B.ED
76 Ms. Parul Bajaj PRT 12 Years M.Com, B.ED, Montessori Trained
77 Ms. Avni Malik PRT 4 Years M.A.(English), B.ED
78 Ms. Kamal Srivastava PRT ART 5 Years B.A., Diploma in Fine Arts
79 Ms. Pooja Bhakhri PRT 6 Years B.A., B.ED, MBA
80 Ms. Ritika Pachauri PRT English 8 Years M.A.(English), B.ED, B.COM
81 Ms. Neetu Playa PRT 05 Years BA, B.Ed.
82 Ms. Honey Abhishek Saraswat PRT (Math) 12 Years M.Sc (Mathematics & IT), B.Ed
83 Ms. Rekha Sharma PRT (Hindi) 10 Years BA, MA, B.Ed.
84 Ms. Rimmie Sareen PRT 11 Years B.Ed, B.Com, Early Childhood Education, PGDM
85 Ms. Puja Rai PRT 07 Years M.A. (English),M.A. (Education),B.Ed
86 Ms. Akanksha Rawat PRT 12 Years B.A., Bachelors in Teaching & School Management, Pursuing B.Ed
87 Ms. Jyoti Budhiraja PRT 20 Years B.A., NTT
88 Ms. Neha Gupta PRT 17 Years M.A., B.ED, CTET
89 Ms. Chaynika Tripathi PRT 7 Years M.A.,B.ED
90 Ms. Rajni Singh Yadav PRT 9 Years B.A., B.ED, NTT
91 Ms. Mehak Gulati Teacher 16 Years BA, B.Ed.
92 Mr. Vinni Grover Librarian 14 Years M.Sc., B.Lib, B.Ed
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