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Ms. Pooja Bose
Principal, Pacific World School

Ms.Pooja Bose brings with her over 28yrs. of vast experience of working with various schools all across India. She is a graduate from Delhi University and a Post Graduate in Education and English Literature. She is a Certified English Language Trainer from The Cambridge University. She has been connected with various well known schools of the country such as DPS Greater Noida, DPS Jodhpur, DPS Rudrapur, K. R Mangalam, St.Xaviers, The Sagar School and The High Range School Munnar, Kerela to name a few.

Ms.Pooja Bose is also an avid teacher trainer and believes in professional education and participating leadership. She has won several awards which speak volume about her achievement and accomplishments.

She brings with her a rich experience and progressive ideas, which are fully aligned to the 21st Century education system.

S.No. Name Designation Experience Qualification
1 Ms. Pooja Bose Principal 28 Years B.Sc(H) B.Ed, MA (English) MA Education CELTA Cambridge University
2 Ms. Awani Singh Head Mistress 10 Years M.Com, B.Com, MBA in Educational Administration, B.Ed. Diploma Certificate in Leading School Strategy and Innovation (Harvard Business School)
3 Ms. Pooja Suri Senior Mistress 22 Years M.A. (English), B.Ed.
4 Ms. Sapna Shukla Coordinator 18 Years BSc, MSc(Computer Science), MTech (Computer Science), UGC NET-CS Qualified .
5 Ms. Amandeep Kaur Coordinator 19 Years MA English, PGDBM, Pursuing M. Ed.
6 Ms. Navdeep Kaur Coordinator 11 Years M.Sc. Biotechnology, B.Ed, CTET Qualified.
7 Ms. Suruchi Gupta Coordinator 19 Years B.El.Ed and MA English.
8 Ms. Karishma Srivastava Coordinator 15 Years MA(Eco) Bed.
9 Ms. Shweta Jain PGT 17 Years MA (Eco), MBA (Finance).
10 Mr. Nitin Kumar PGT 14 Years MA (Eco), MBA (Finance).
11 Mr. Sahil PGT 9 Years M.Com, MBA (Finance), B. Ed.
12 Ms. Shweta Rai PGT 7 Years M.Sc, Ph D, B. Ed.
13 Ms. Sanchita Das Singha PGT 12 Years B.A,B.ed,M.A,M.ed.
14 Mr. Pankaj Singh Bisht PGT 12 Years M.Sc. , B.Ed.
15 Ms Swati Chhabra PGT 8 Years M.Sc. , B.Ed.
16 Mr Shubham Tyagi PGT 8 Years B.Tech, B. Ed.
17 Ms Shuchi Mahtta PGT 7 Years M.A. Psychology, B.ed.
18 Ms Prisha Chaudhary PGT 3 Years B.A Hons (History), M.A History, B.ed.
19 Ms Shreya Chopra PGT 8 Years M.A, B.Ed, CTET Qualified
20 Ms Nidhi Mittal TGT 3.5 Years MBA, B.Sc, B.Ed.
21 Ms Monika Kumari Gupta TGT 8 Years M.A Hindi, B.Ed, NET Qualified.
22 Ms Mousumi Das TGT 17 Years MFA .
23 Ms Meenakshi Thapliyal TGT 6 Years M.Sc, B.Ed, CTET Qualified.
24 Ms Manvi Bhandari TGT 12 Years M.P.Ed
25 Ms Sameera TGT 16 Years MA. ,B.Ed.
26 Ms Neha Takle TGT 8 Years M. Sc, B. Ed
27 Ms Ruchi Jain TGT 12 Years M.A. Geo, M.Ed. (Pursuing)
28 Ms Shuchi Smita TGT 7 Years M.A (Eng), M.A (Sociology), B.Ed, CTET Qualified
29 Ms Vibha Choubey TGT 4 Years B.Sc, B.Ed
30 Ms Abha Gupta TGT 4 Years MCA
31 Ms Anjali Saxena TGT 19 Years M.A. B.Ed
32 Ms Khilan Sawhney TGT 10 Years MA (Eng), B.A Hons.(Eng), B.Ed, CTET Qualified
33 Ms Sapna Gupta TGT 4 Years M.Sc Math, BEd, CTET Qualified
34 Ms Preeti Mishra TGT 18 Years M.Sc , B.Ed.
35 Ms Sakshi Seth TGT 18 Years M.Sc, B.Ed.
36 Ms Rekha Yadav TGT 7.5 Years M.Sc. ( Mathematics ) ,B.Ed.
37 Ms Megha Bansal TGT 10 Years B2 French Qualified
38 Ms Ashima Chauhan TGT 9 Years M.Sc, B.Ed
39 Ms Swati Gannavarpu TGT 12 Years B.E.(Electronics & Telecom.), B.Ed
40 Ms Anubhuti Chaturvedi TGT 1.5 Years B.A (History), M.A (History), B.ed
41 Ms Sudhriti Dutta TGT 14 Years M.A, B.Ed, B.Mus
42 Ms Sonia Saini TGT 5 Years M.Sc Zoology, German Language Certification C1 Level
43 Ms Anuradha Gupta TGT 10 Years M.Tech, MCA, BCA & B.Ed
44 Ms Rashmi Gargya Dabral TGT 12 Years M.A, B.Ed
45 Mr Avinash Kumar TGT 9 Years B.A, Trained in Jazz, Kathak, and Comtemporary Dance Forms.
46 Mr Ajay Pal Singh Negi TGT 10 Years B.A, M.A
47 Mr Umesh Kumar TGT 10 Years BFA, MFA
48 Ms Manik Bakshi TGT 20 Years M.Sc
49 Ms Karishma Bansal PRT 26 Years London Montessori Teacher Training, B.Com, B. Ed.
50 Ms Deepali Malviya PRT 10 Years M.A, B. Ed.
51 Ms Rashmi Bisht PRT 16 Years B.Com, BTSM.
52 Ms Deepika Karmakar PRT 13 Years M.A, B.Ed.
53 Ms Himani Tyagi PRT 10 Years B.Sc, M.A, B.Ed, PG Diploma in Special Education.
54 Ms Twinkle Sharma PRT 5 Years MBA Finance, B.Ed, CTET Qualified
55 Ms Nidhi Sehgal PRT 14 Years NTT, M.Com, B.Ed.
56 Ms Parul Papreja PRT 10 Years B.A(Hons.)English, MA(English), B.Ed, M.Ed, CTET Qualified
57 Ms Anita Sharma PRT 14 Years M.A, B.Ed.
58 Ms Anamika Banerjee PRT 10 Years M.A, B.Ed, D.I.E.T
59 Ms Jyoti Budhiraja PRT 20 Years NTT, B.A, B.Ed.
60 Ms Honey Abhishek Saraswat PRT 12 Years B.Sc, M.Sc, B,Ed.
61 Ms Namita Tewari PRT 3 Years B.Sc, M.Sc, B.Ed
62 Ms Neelam Bhandari PRT 7 Years B.Sc, M.A, B.Ed, CTET Qualified.
63 Ms Lovely PRT 6 Years B.Com , JBT, B. Ed.
64 Ms Kamal Srivastava PRT 4 Years B.A , Fine Art Diploma.
65 Ms Mahima Mittal PRT 2 Years B.Sc, M.Sc, B.Ed.
66 Ms Gandhi Mathi PRT 4 Years B.Com, PGDCA, B.Ed (Pursuing).
67 Ms Richa Vats PRT 12 Years B.Sc, MCA, B.Ed.
68 Ms Neetu Playa PRT 6 Years B.A, B.Ed.
69 Ms Puja Rai PRT 7 Years M.A , B.Ed
70 Ms Mehak Gulati PRT 19 Years B.A
71 Ms Archana Kumari PRT 12 Years B.A, B.Ed
72 Ms Reena Dhama PRT 8 Years B.Sc, M.Sc, B.Ed., CTET Qualified
73 Ms Sanchi Singhal PRT 12 Years B.A, M.A, B.Ed.
74 Ms Neha Tandon PRT 10 Years B.Com, M.A, B.Ed, CTET Qualified
75 Ms Sandipa Ghosh PRT 10 Years B.Sc, B.Ed.
76 Ms Shikha Chaudhary PRT 10 Years B.Sc, M.A, B.Ed, CTET Qualified
77 Ms Supriya Singh Raghuvanshi PRT 14 Years B.A, M.A, NTT
78 Ms Akanksha Rawat PRT 14 Years B.A, Bachelor's in Teaching and School Management
79 Ms Tina Lamba PRT 1.5 Years B.A, Diploma in Fine arts, Diploma in Spanish, B.Ed.
80 Ms Shobhna Pandey PRT 7.5 Years B.Com, B.Ed.
81 Ms Komal Bhandari PRT 12 Years B.Com, Bachelor's in Teaching and School Managemen, NTT
82 Ms Avni Malik PRT 6 Years B.A, M.A, B.Ed.
83 Ms Tanu Mahajan PRT 9 Years B.A, M.A (Pursuing), B.Ed.
84 Ms Shipra Srivastava PRT 1 Year M.Sc, B.Ed.
85 Ms Mehak Mehra PRT 4 Years B.A, MBA, B.Ed.
86 Ms Sonia Sharma PRT 12 Years B.A, PTT.
87 Ms Chaynika Tripathi PRT 5 Years B.A, M.A, B.Ed.
88 Ms Sneh Solanki PRT 1 Year B.Tech, B.Ed (Pursuing).
89 Ms Pratima Pandey PRT 6 Years M.A, B.Ed.
90 Ms Himani Kukreti PRT 5 Years MCA
91 Ms Iqra Khan PRT 5 Years M.Sc, B.Ed
92 Ms Meenakshi Pandey PRT 6 Years B.Sc, B.Ed
93 Ms Deepti Saxena PRT 8 Years B.Com, B. Ed, CTET Qualified
94 Mr Saurabh Lalwani PRT 4 Years B.Tech, Music Prod,
95 Ms Namrata PRT 3 Years M.Sc, B.Ed.
96 Ms Raashi Johari PRT 2 Years B.Com, B.Ed.
97 Ms Aparajita Batabyal PRT 10 Years LLB, M.A, NTT, I.MUS.
98 Ms Sudipta Singh PRT 13 Years M.A, B.Ed.
99 Ms Deepika Kamra PRT 14 Years M.A, B.Ed.
100 Ms Ruchi Singh PRT 7 Years MBA, B.Ed.
101 Ms Neha Gupta PRT 17 Years M.A, B.Ed, CTET Qualified
102 Ms Priyanka Das PRT 22 Years M.A, B.Ed.
103 Ms Sonika Bhatia PRT 5 Years M.Sc, B.Ed.
104 Ms Rachna J. Dadhwal PRT 12 Years B.Com, M.Com, B.Ed, CTET Qualified
105 Ms Shweta Jain PRT 10 Years B.Com, B.Ed, CTET Qualified
106 Ms Poornima Singh PRT 3 Years BBA, PGDBO, NTT, B.Ed.
107 Ms Ruchi Kapahi PRT 7.5 Years B.Sc, B.Ed.
108 Ms Pooja Bhakhri PRT 8 Years B.A, MBA, B.Ed.
109 Ms Shilpi Saxena PRT 18 Years MCA, NTT
110 Ms Poonam Rawal PRT 12 Years B.A, M.A, PG in Montessori
111 Ms Rekha Sharma PRT 13 Years M.A, B.Ed.
112 Ms Shruti Shikha PRT 12 Years M.Sc, B.Ed. PhD
113 Ms Supriya Kumar PRT 12 Years M.Sc, B.Ed,
114 Mr Alekh Jhawar PRT 10 Years Grade 4 Rock & Pop
115 Ms Tripti Srivastava PRT 5 Years M.Com, NTT
116 Ms Nandita Moria PRT 2 Years B.A, B.Ed
117 Ms Dimple Chaudhary PRT 4 Years M.Com, B.Ed
118 Ms Surbhi Jain PRT 7 Years M.Com, B2.1 Advance Diploma in German
119 Ms Priya Tyagi PRT 9 Years M.A, B.Ed
120 Ms Farida Aara PRT 1 Year B.A, B.Ed
121 Ms Aishwarya Sharma PRT 5 Years B.A, ECCE
122 Ms Prabhdeep Kaur PRT 4.5 Years B.A, B.Ed
123 Ms Vaishali Arora PRT 10 Years M.A, B.El.Ed
124 Mr Shuaeb Ahmad PRT 12 Years B.A, Music Prabhakar
125 Ms Ashima Gupta PRT 19 Years M.B.A, M.Ed
126 Ms Reena Goyal PRT 12 Years B.Sc, M.A, M.B.A, B.Ed, CTET Qualified
127 Ms Pooja Trivedi PRT 10 Years M.A, M.Phil
128 Ms Deepti Paul PRT 6 Years B.Com, M.Com, B.Ed
129 Ms Sunaina Saxena PRT 12 Years B.A, M.A
130 Mr Ravi Singh PRT 7 Years B.Com, B.PEd, M.PEd
131 Ms Sakshi Rastogi PRT 5 Years MCA, B.Ed, CTET Qualified
132 Ms Indu Kumar PRT 11 Years B.Com, PGDBM, B.Ed
133 Ms Vimal Arora PRT 15 Years B.Com, NTT, Master in Abacus Education, B.Ed
134 Ms Bhajleen Kaur PRT 4 Years B.B.A, M.B.A, B.Ed, CTET Qualified
135 Ms Nimisha Devi PRT 4 Years B.Com, M.A
136 Ms Raji Nair PRT 19 Years M.A, B.Ed
137 Ms Rajni Singh Yadav PRT 11 Years B.A,NTT, B.Ed
138 Ms Preeti Kausik PRT 6 Years B.Com,M.A, M.B.A, B.Ed
139 Ms S. Neha PRT 4.5 Years B.Sc, B.Ed
140 Ms Khushboo Sood PRT 8 Years M.Com, B.Ed
141 Ms Mitali Wadhwa PRT 16 Years B.A, B.Ed
142 Ms Monika Choudhary PRT 3 Years B.A, M.PEd (Pursuing)
143 Ms Madhusha Srivastava PRT 10 Years M.PEd
144 Ms Parul Arora Co-Teacher 1.5 Years B.Com, PGDHRM
145 Ms Pallavi Singh Co-Teacher 10 Years B.A, M.A, B.Ed
146 Ms Princy Solanki Co-Teacher 6 Months MBA, NTT
147 Ms Vertika Jaggi Co-Teacher 2 Years BCA, MCA, NTT
148 Ms Nandita Negi Co-Teacher 3 Years B.El.Ed
149 Ms Anushka Arora Co-Teacher 2 Years B.A, B.Ed
150 Ms Pooja Tewari Co-Teacher 1 Year B.B.A, PGDBM
151 Ms Rashmi Nandi Co-Teacher Fresher M.A, B.Ed
152 Ms Disha Gill Co-Teacher 1 Year M.Sc, B.Ed
153 Mr Arun Pal SportsTeacher 1 Year B.P.Ed,
154 Mr Bob Acharya SportsTeacher 8 Years PG
155 Ms Suman Chopra School Counsellor 8 Years B,.A, M.Sc(Psychology), Adv. Diploma in Guidance and Counselling
156 Ms Manasvi Verma Special Educator 5 Years B.A,Diploma in Guidance and Counselling, M.A (Psychology)(Pursuing), B.Ed, CTET Qualified
157 Ms Ramandeep Kaur Arora TGT Fresher B.Sc, M.Sc, B.ED
158 Ms Shweta Wahie PRT 6 Years B.Sc, B.ED
159 Mr Arush Gulati PRT 8 Years B.A
160 Ms Apoorva Negi PRT 2 Years B.Sc, B.Ed
161 Ms Nimisha Dara PRT 9 Years B.A, B.Ed
162 Ms Meeta Samrat PRT 10 Years B.El, Ed, CTET Qualified
163 Ms Rajni Yadav PRT 5 Years B.A, M.A, B.Ed
164 Mr Rohit Prasad PRT 5 Years B.P.Ed
165 Ms Sohini Saha PRT 4 Years B.A, M.A, NTT
166 Ms Radhika Malhotra TGT 6 Years B.A, M.A, CTET Qualified
167 Ms Sangamitra Dutta PRT 6 Years M.Sc
168 Ms Nishtha Sharma PRT 6 Years B.Pharma, M.A, B.Ed, CTET Qualified
169 Ms Olivia Bhadra PRT 5 Years M.A, B.Ed
170 Ms Neha Sharma PRT 8 Years M.B.A, B.Ed
171 Ms Aditi Jain Co-Teacher 5 Years B.A, B.Ed
172 Ms Meena Chauhan PRT 1 Year B.A, B.Ed, CTET Qualified
173 Ms Shruti Khanna PRT 6 Years B.A, B.Ed
174 Ms Meenakshi Devi PRT 8.5 Years B.Sc, M.Sc, B.Ed, CTET Qualified
175 Ms Vandana Sharma PRT 10 Years B.A, B.Ed
176 Ms Priyanka Sharma Yoga Teacher 6 Years M.A, B.Ed, Ph.D (Yoga Science)
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