Effective Dog Training Tips

Effective Dog Training Tips

I love pets a lot, especially a dog. Many of us love dogs. I love Labradors and German shepherds. You want your dog to be trained not to create a mess in your house especially when you are out of the house for some work, they literally make the house a mess; believe me, I have experienced it! So, here are some tips to make your dog a trained and well-mannered fur-baby:

Take advantage of their food greed!
If you have a dog then you know that dogs can do anything for food. So, take advantage of it and teach them new tricks using dog biscuits and bones. Praise them and show your love whenever they accomplish the given task. Believe me, it will work 100%.
Reward their good behaviour. But only love and appreciation won’t work. Your dog would want to get straightforward rewards from you so give them sweet treats whenever she does a good job.

Solve Potty problem-
Dogs are like babies; they also need potty training as they also learn to control their egestion cycle. One way is to make their washroom on your balcony. You need to train them to control it and for that, you have to scold them whenever they poop inside the house and tell them to go to the balcony to ease out.
Freedom to be naughty is not allowed:
Do not give your new dog sudden full freedom to move around your house. Most dog owners do that. It will cause accidents. Let them slowly earn the freedom to go around the house. Make sure your dog does not go to empty rooms where accidents can happen. Be alert and vigilant always!
Make them realise that it’s only you who commands:
While training your dog, remember that you are the boss. Command them, but never ask. Make sure that your dog can recognize your voice as a command and does things accordingly. If you fail to do that it means you are not actually training your dog. So, you must make sure that your dog understands your language. Be straight, look into their eyes directly so that they know you mean business.
~Aryan Verma

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