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  • The School Follows CBSE Curriculum.
  • The student will fully respect the school’s endeavor to promote integrity and ethical behavior on all fronts.
  • Any attempt / inclination to cheat, lie, distort or manipulate will be dealt with severity by the school.
  • All work assigned by the school i.e. Homework / Assignments / Projects / any other must be sincerely and diligently attempted by the student and not passed on to any external agency / individuals for completion. Any evidence to this effect will be perceived as a violation of academic honesty.
  • Outstanding performance in CBSE displayed and other competitive / entrance examinations like NSTSE, Olympiads etc.
  • While attempting work assigned, full credit must be given for ideas, language or creative design borrowed from any source. Students are encouraged to understand the keywords / concept and attempt re-writing the material in their own language.
  • Being a silent witness or collaborator to any wrongful behaviour too constitutes a violation of honesty. We expect students to bring on unethical / dishonest act to the attention of teachers and Principal without delay and fear.
  • The School will appreciate and applaud honesty of behaviour and thought and uphold it as brave and rightful behaviour.

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