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Differentiating Factors

The school has introduced and follows the concept of 5Es in the most dedicated and enthusiastic manner during all the occasions that makes it stand apart from other educational entities.

The 5Es are:

Experiment- The school provides an environment to the teachers and students to experiment and evolve new ways and means of learning and growing.

Experience- The school ensures that the teachers and students learn from varied experiences, as such pivotal lessons are perennial and more relevant.

Enable- In case of any new suggestion or notion, the school creates conducive atmosphere so that it gets implemented in a highly seamless manner.

Enlighten- The school takes every possible initiative to take the teachers and students on the path of enlightenment which is the ultimate objective.

Emulate- The school keeps a tab on changing trends in the field of education and learning and brings it to the teachers and students for the betterment of all.

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