Best School in Noida Extension in Terms of Facilities and Amenities

Best School in Noida Extension in Terms of Facilities and Amenities – Pacific World School

The facilities and amenities of a school are important factors in the all-around development of a student. A school that offers advanced facilities and modern amenities is able to aid in both the academic and non-academic development of a student. All the best schools in Noida Extension, including Pacific World School, provide excellent facilities and amenities on their grand campuses.

The schools are famed for encouraging children to develop and polish a wide set of skills and talents. They also urge their students to become learned and aware individuals on account of such provisions.

What are the facilities and amenities provided at Pacific World School?

1. Academic

The school offers separate primary, secondary and cultural blocks on its campus. All the classrooms are integrated with digital learning equipment to ensure an efficient learning process.

The school maintains well-equipped laboratories to aid in the deliverance of modern and practical education in accordance with its CBSE curriculum. The focused involvement of the dedicated teaching faculty helps the students to learn complex academic concepts in the most simplified and practical manner. This establishes Pacific World School as the best CBSE school in Noida Extension.

The school ensures that each classroom maintains a strict 1:15 teacher-student ratio. This assures that each student is nurtured, treasured, and given personal and undivided attention by the teachers.

The campus of the school acts as a transformative learning zone for its students, using advanced technology, contemporary tools, and smart equipment to deliver the highest quality of education to the pupils.

2. Sports

The school is popular amongst new-age parents for its exceptional sports facilities. It exhibits well-maintained courts, rinks, tracks, fields, a gymnasium, and a swimming pool on its campus. Apart from these, other sports complexes for specific sports like Taekwondo and Table Tennis are also maintained.

The school provides specialized sports coaching at no extra fees to all students from class 1 onwards. Students are encouraged to play a sport of their choice and receive professional-level training from the best sports coaches in the city.

The school offers sports scholarships to athletic children. The scholarships enable the students to perfect their skills in a sport of their choice and pursue a career as an athlete in the future.

A fully equipped play zone is also maintained on the school campus to allow primary-level students to develop fine motor skills and social skills. The students are encouraged to indulge in indoor and outdoor play and peer-to-peer interactions.

3. Extracurricular

The school promotes education in a fun and interesting learning environment to maintain the attention and focus of its students on various academic subjects.

The school also organizes various events and academic activities regularly. This encourages the students to learn about various academic subjects and concepts in a fun and creative environment. The institution aims at providing real-world exposure to the students within the boundaries of its campus.

The school also organizes trips and excursions to factories, monuments, government buildings, and famous cities to grant educational, regional, cultural, and political exposure to the students.

Recently, the students were taken on a trip to Cordova Printing Press and Parle factory to learn about the manufacturing process of books and biscuits. A trip to The Times of India press was also organized to educate the students about the process of printing newspapers.

4. Infrastructure

The school presents a centrally air-conditioned campus to furnish a comfortable learning environment for its students. Spacious classrooms and aesthetically designed and well-maintained buildings aid in the creation of an education-centric impressionable climate on the campus.

A well-stocked library, a music room, a dance room, an auditorium, an amphitheater, a multipurpose room, an activity room, a reading room, concept laboratories, a computer laboratory, a language laboratory, and an art room ensure the delivery of high-quality education and practice of a wide range of skills and talents on the school campus.

6. Safety and Security

The school focuses on the creation of safe spaces for its students and staff. To enable the same, the school implements stringent security measures on its campus.

At the pre-primary level, each classroom is organized by two teachers and a helper. The students are escorted by the teachers and helpers from the school’s entry gate to the classrooms. A mandatory RFID system is installed for all the students on campus.

The school campus and school buses are supervised via CCTV cameras and the school buses are fitted with GPS-tracking systems to enable safe and secure student pick-ups and drop-offs. Female assistants accompany the students on the school buses to ensure their safety.

The school employs police-verified support staff that is trained in handling different kinds of emergency situations. A dedicated medical professional and an ambulance are always available on campus to handle medical emergencies. The school has tie-ups with a nearby hospital for the same.

The campus is equipped with a state-of-the-art fire-fighting system and regular fire drills are conducted to prepare children for any emergencies as such.

Such facilities and amenities make Pacific World School the best school in Noida Extension.

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