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Their bright black eyes gazed out of the window glass as they watched their courtyard leading to the bus stop. They used to wait there for the school bus.

What a feeling it was to see their favourite yellow bus from a distance! Children made a long queue and their teacher held their tiny soft hands and lifted them one by one, with love!

Almost two years ago, everything seemed normal — little feet entering the school gate, corridors echoing with their innocent chatter, the commotion in the happy playground, and tiny tots swarming around the swings.

But alas! Nature had other plans. There came the villain- Mr. Corona, the deadly virus to scare away the most precious creation of God- Children.

Mr. Corona’s arrival turned the children’s world upside down! Their routine has got disrupted. With Mr. Corona lurking around, no more waking up to the alarm clock. No running and jumping with peers, no sharing of food with best friends. And worse, no ‘high-five’ with the teachers.

Uniforms found a safe place in the wardrobe only to get old yet remain new.

Children became caged birds. Anxiety and apprehensions grew, depression and dilemma overpowered them, boredom and loneliness surrounded the pure souls.

Months later, there was good news that Mr Corona was tired of causing so much trouble and was finally leaving.

The news opened a doorway to happiness, joy and hope. Children started to come out of their cocoon, they met their friends in the neighbourhood, started enjoying, and playing together once again.

But that joy didn’t sustain longer. Mr. Corona grew more powerful and came back with a thunderous roar, attacking and harming children.

They soon realised it’s a peekaboo game- When Mr. Corona is in his kingdom relaxing with his other friends Ebola, Marburg, and Hantavirus, children don’t have to worry at all. They can be all around, running after the butterflies. dancing in the rain, jumping in the muddy puddles, and so on. But, when the stubborn seeker, Mr. Corona is on the lookout for prey, all they have to do is hide smartly.

This Peekaboo has evidently, helped children cherish the value of relationships, understand the importance of adjustment and adaptation, care about the environment, and love their school immensely.
I am confident that they will win this game and go back to school as smarter, wiser, and responsible children.

Peekaboo- Who’s turn is it now?

-Raji Nair

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