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Hiring New Age Teachers

Teaching is always looked up as a noble profession and teachers as an idol or role model. As said in Sanskrit “Guru Sarvopari” meaning guru or teacher is above all. A teacher who is strict or friendly is always remembered by his/her student. There are some attributes that a teacher must have and that makes him/her special.

In the 21st century, the role of teacher is more of a facilitator than an instructor or information feeder. Schools following international curriculum showed the path of experiential learning and how teachers are trained to break through the traditional method of teaching.

Today, teachers are more adaptable and flexible. They are open to learning new things that upgrade their teaching skills and implement those skills in the classroom in no time. This has really changed the perception of parents towards teachers and schools. This has helped schools to grow up technically, experiment with curriculum and hire new age teachers. A rich curriculum, supported by the right infrastructure and excellent teachers can do wonders.

The teaching profession also needs to deal with its own challenges as technology and social structure are changing rapidly. The huge expectations of parents keep teachers on toes all the time. The pandemic has shown how teachers upgrade themselves overnight and adapted new skills, learned to handle new technology and continued imparting knowledge. Gradually the pay scale of teachers started improving though many schools are yet to implement the government pay scale.

A new generation of dedicated educators and passionate role models are very much in need. Schools are now looking for teachers who are equipped to handle the emotional needs of the child along with cognitive development. The use of technology based pedagogy is a must in schools.

If we believe that teaching and learning are the core of schooling, then one should also understand the importance of a good teacher and why infrastructure alone cannot be the deciding factor of your child’s school selection criteria.

Teacher selection process is tedious work as schools get an adequate no. of applicants but not quality applicants that match the school’s vision. Hiring and sustaining good teachers or staff is perhaps the most important aspect of school management. Care is contagious, creating a caring community helps an organization to retain staff and deliver their best.

-By Antara

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