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Luminous Life of a Pacifican

We often come through children throwing tantrum while going to school as they do not see it exciting enough to keep them motivated. 

What if we enjoy and learn simultaneously? Activities are the best way to teach children better and make them happy as well. 

 Pacific world school has been successfully implementing this formula and applying it to its precious Pacificans. 

 At Pacific World School, teachers know their students well and accordingly put in their effort to ensure that the students understand things easily and thus give their best wherever possible. 

 Every teacher, in the school, is quite motivating and inspiring and students look up to them.

 Besides the usual student-teacher relationship, we are also taught how to behave with the various kind of help we have around us, in the form of Housekeeping staff, Canteen staff, to name a few. 

 Fitness is an essential part of our lives, mainly because of the kind of comfort we are surrounded by these days. This is the right age to focus on it so that we carry on being fit throughout our lives. Keeping this in mind, our school promotes sports with the same spirit. I think we enjoy more sports periods per week than many others. We also have frequent inter-house and inter-school competitions, which keeps our Pacificans active, fit and compatible with students of other schools.

 PACIFIC WORLD SCHOOL has made sure that every child gets an exposure to represent himself/herself, be it a class activity or a chance to represent its school. Everyone has some or the other hidden talent and the need is to get good exposure to show it out to everyone that’s exactly what happens at our school with the help of our able menders.

As a Pacifican, I can say that I have improved with the kind of exposure given and I am sure that I will grow to be best because Pacific world school gives students what they need to be the best and provides student interactive learning which brings out the best in them. I thank my school for providing such great facilities to the Pacificans and giving us a LUMINOUS LIFE!!
~ Aiman Jain

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