The Importance of Preschool Education- Pacific World School

Many parents still do not enroll their children in play schools and preschools as they do not know the importance of good preschool education in a child’s life in these modern times. Many parents consider pre-primary education as an option as opposed to compulsion. They do not enroll their children in a preschool which negatively impacts the children’s development and academic progress in many ways.

It has been observed that children who are enrolled in play schools & preschools are deemed as fast learners and possess better comprehension and social skills at an early age.

Most of the top schools, including Pacific World School, ensure the provision of preschool education on their campuses by offering pre-nursery classes along with nursery classes and prep.

The schools have an active curriculum in place and deliver education to the young minds in the most efficient manner to encourage the overall development of the children.

The Importance of a Preschool Education


Little children are curious individuals who want to absorb as much information as they can irrespective of what time it is. They are constantly observing their surroundings and are processing large amounts of information at all times. Little children always have a question to ask or a doubt to clear. When this curiosity is satisfied in a productive manner, children become more aware and confident in themselves. Such children tend to be more open to exploring an avenue to find answers to questions they have and become better at processing new, unique and conflicting sets of information in the future.


Little children are creative in nature. They will use paints, colours, building blocks, pencils and toys to create something. These young children are at an age where they are creating imaginary worlds and are utilizing their cognitive skills to the maximum. When this creativity is encouraged in a systematic manner in a healthy learning environment, children develop new skills or polish their existing skills. This can encourage children to become artists in the future or introduce them to a best-suited profession at a young age.

Social Skills

Preschools serve as an appropriate environment for children to develop social skills and learn to form new relationships. In a preschool, children are encouraged to socialise with their peers and teachers and develop and maintain friendships with their peers. Children are taught the ways of a civilized society and are informed of appropriate and acceptable social cues. This leads to the children becoming better observers and efficient learners who possess better social skills than the children who have not received the opportunity to interact with their peers in a supervised environment like a classroom.

Motor Skills

In a preschool, children are encouraged to become self-sufficient in a supervised environment. Children are encouraged to walk in queues, climb up and down the stairs, sit down for meals and become proactive in asking for help during bathroom breaks. Children are also encouraged to drink when thirsty, eat when hungry and explore the classroom when bored. Certain group activities and fun competitive games encourage children to develop their motor skills which aid in their overall development. Preschools ensure that children remain active and use their energy in the most constructive manner.

Pre-Literacy Skills

Preschools offer the experience of a primary school to children which aids them in learning to follow a routine and become acquainted with institution rules, appropriate behaviour in a school environment and the process of education in the most basic sense. Children learn the basics of a language and learn to count numbers, and are introduced to rhymes, music and melodies. They are encouraged to develop retention and recall skills. Children who are exposed to basic education in preschools seem to adjust better in primary classes and are observed to be quicker at grasping advanced language and numerical information.

To conclude, a good pre-primary education lays the foundation for a systematic development process of a child. A good preschool, like Pacific World School, will aid in the overall development of children by assisting in the development of their cognitive skills and motor abilities. The importance of preschool education is highlighted by the development and maintenance of a child’s social skills, motor skills, and pre-literacy skills and the encouragement of a child’s curiosity and creativity.

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