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Top CBSE School in Greater Noida West – Pacific World School

If you are a parent who has been searching for the Best School in Noida & Greater Noida. Your search ends here as Pacific World School is the best school in Noida.

All parents want the best for their children and put a lot of effort into providing them with the necessary resources and opportunities to prepare them for a bright future. One of these resources is good education which is provided by enrolling the children in the best school. One of many qualities that makes Pacific World School the top school in Greater Noida West. So, let’s talk about them in detail!

A school’s status as the best school can depend upon different factors like its education board, infrastructure, academic curriculum, extracurricular activities, sports facilities, and teaching faculty.

Why is Pacific World School the best School in Greater Noida West?

Pacific World School has a grand campus of 10 acres and is highlighted by its state-of-the-art infrastructure. The school has air-conditioned digital classrooms, world-class laboratories, and excellent sports facilities.

Pacific World School offers K-12 education on its campus, ensuring that a child receives a good quality of consistent primary, secondary and senior secondary education.

The school offers smart air-conditioned classrooms where each student receives personal attention from the teachers. This is made possible by implementing a strict 1:15 teacher-student ratio in all the classrooms. The teachers are able to recognize, nurture and treasure each child and encourage and support them in developing and polishing new and existing skills and talents.

smart air-conditioned classrooms at Best CBSE International school in Greater Noida West
Top School in Greater Noida West

Pacific World School stands to be the best School in Greater Noida West because of its experienced teaching faculty.

The school’s teachers hold decades of collective experience. They are well-trained in handling children of various ages, aptitudes, and attitudes and are well-equipped to facilitate a healthy learning environment in the classrooms.

Pacific World School is known for its experiential teaching methodology. It believes in adding creativity to the academic curriculum to make the process of delivering and accessing knowledge an exciting process.

The school also implements innovative seating arrangements in its classrooms to encourage students to participate in project-based learning. This encourages the children to work in teams and develop necessary life skills.

Pacific World School also teaches other necessary life skills to its students by making sports participation a mandatory affair.

Children are encouraged to participate in a sport of their choice from Class 1 onwards where they receive personalized sports coaching at no extra fee. Students receive professional sports training thrice a week, during school hours.

The school offers specialized sports coaching for Badminton, Basketball, Gymnastics, Swimming, Cricket, Football, Taekwondo, Skating, Lawn Tennis, and Table Tennis. Pacific World School believes that sports participation teaches necessary skills like hard work, discipline, resilience, punctuality, time management, teamwork, sportsmanship, trust, and leadership to the children. This makes Pacific World School the Best school in noida extension.

Pacific World School specialized sports coaching

The school offers a safe and secure environment to all its students and staff. To maintain a secure environment, the school has strategically placed CCTV cameras on the campus to ensure a secure environment. The school has GPS-enabled buses, a well-equipped clinic with a dedicated medical professional, and an ambulance on campus for medical emergencies.

To ensure everyone’s safety, issues RFID cards, imposes mandatory verification on its staff, and conducts regular evacuation drills to ensure the safety of all.

Pacific World School collaborates with international pioneers in education to offer the best educational resources and opportunities to its students. The school has partnered with various organizations like Microsoft, British Council, Unified Council, and Scholastic to create and offer advanced learning platforms to children.

pacific world school achieved best international school with most innovative teaching methologies award 2022

The school also tries to create a symbiosis between our culture and global awareness through different activities and events like seminars, cultural programmes, personality development classes, workshops, presentations, debates, and discussions. This makes Pacific World School the best school in Greater Noida West.

The school indulges in transparent communication from the teachers to the parents for which it has installed an ERP system. All staff members can be accessed for a discussion with the parents with prior appointments.

This results in a smooth flow of communication where the parents are updated with their children’s real-time progress. This also results in the school receiving timely feedback from the parents.

All these policies, facilities, amenities, and offerings make Pacific World School the best School in Greater Noida West. Offer your child the best resources and opportunities by enrolling them in Pacific World School to prepare them for a successful and bright future.

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