At Pacific World School, I realised that art was not only painting and drawing

Earlier, I used to think of art as only something which requires a lot of skill and can’t be pursued by everyone. To me, art was only painting and drawing. It was just a hobby or a career option. Little did I know that a whole new experience was awaiting me at Pacific World School

Art can be in a multitude of things. It can be the poignant speech we hear on the television, the painting we appreciate in a museum, the hysterical comic we love to read, and even the stories we write to engage ourselves! I have realised – art is limitless.

Ever since I joined this school, I have been exploring and delving deeper into the realm of art. The teachers are supportive of the students and their passions. Before coming here, I hadn’t received a lot of exposure to the real world of art. I had confined myself to only painting and drawing, but it’s completely different here. So, I am free to express myself and engage in any activity I choose. I traversed various aspects of art such as writing poetry and stories, speaking at school events, dancing, singing, and much more. These have been such liberating experiences!

School events and competitions have provided avenues to showcase my talent and develop new skills. My experiences while participating in the art exhibition, exploring diverse art forms, and attending German language workshops have opened a new vista of learning, so enriching and diverse. I now enjoy writing poems on social issues and reciting them in the morning assemblies.

To conclude, I am grateful to all my teachers and school for enabling me to access a whole new dimension of art. It has been a virtuous learning experience for me. I can explore more and find new ways to enhance my personality and become a better human. I can ensure that every child can feel at home at this school and explore the opportunities provided here.

– Manal Singh    Grade IX

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