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Best Play School in Noida Extension (Greater Noida West)

Are you looking for a safe and nurturing day care play school nearby Noida Extension, Gaur City & Greater Noida West? Welcome to the The Pacific World School.

Pacific World School is one of the Best play school in Noida Extension & Greater Noida West. Awarded for the Most Innovative Teaching Methodologies & Top School by IKA-2022. Also, known for its holistic approach to education, which encompasses both academics and co-curricular activities, and its commitment to developing well-rounded individuals who are equipped to face the challenges of the modern world.

Pacific World School is not just any other play school in Greater Noida but a trustworthy parenting partner that values caring for your child and helping him/her develop to their fullest potential.  We at Pacific World School support your kid as he enthusiastically begins his educational adventure.

To inculcate the right skill sets and qualities in children, Pacific World School focuses on the development of the children from pre-nursery itself. The school has been able to provide unique academic and social exposure to its students. 

Please Note: Play School Fees Details for the academic session 2023-24 is mentioned here: Parents can inquire at +91-8899117704 or write to for more details.

Why is Pacific World School the Best Play School in Greater Noida West, Noida Extension? 

1. Curriculum 

The school has incorporated a unique and advanced curriculum to prepare its students for the 21st century. It’s curriculum collaborates with Google to offer a modern and efficient educational platform to the students in the classrooms.  

The curriculum aims at covering all possible educational domains relevant to the demographic of the students. The curriculum aids in the development of the students into peacekeepers, job creators, innovators, achievers, leaders, and executors of tomorrow. 

2. Implementations 

The school integrates various elements of fun into the day-to-day learning activities. The classrooms are designed to appeal to the children and inspire them to be open to learning every single day.  

At Pacific World School, each student is provided with the personal and undivided attention of the teaching faculty, owing to the school’s strict implementation of a 1:15 teacher-student ratio in the classrooms. The school also ensures that co-teachers and support staff are available to facilitate an efficient learning environment and process. 

The school implements diverse teaching-learning styles to support each student’s individuality and aptitude. The teachers are encouraged to offer differentiated instructions in classrooms to enable the acquisition of new concepts and skills. 

3. Provisions 

The school offers a dedicated and fully equipped play zone on its campus. The students are urged to learn in a fun environment and develop social skills via peer-to-peer interactions and teacher-student interactions. The school also encourages the involvement of parents and guardians in the social development of the students. 

The school offers a wide range of materials and equipment to promote active and quiet play in both outdoor and indoor settings. Inquiry-based activities and projects provide the students with opportunities to develop at unprecedented growth. 

Regular parent-teacher meetings help parents to stay updated about their children’s progress and help teachers to receive feedback. This results in the coordination of both home and school settings and help the children to better develop their cognitive, behavioural and social skills. 

4. Exposure 

The school organizes numerous activities and events to provide real-world exposure to the students. The school believes in encouraging children to become aware of the world’s issues and concerns to help them develop into compassionate and ethical individuals.  

Activities and events like No Hunger – Stop Food Wastage, You Are What You Eat, National Ice-Cream Day, Mangolicious Day, International Tiger Day, The Restaurant Set Up, Friendship Day, and Bring and Brag provide the students with necessary awareness and knowledge and prepare them to become confident and self-sufficient. 

The children develop etiquette, learn about social norms, and become socially independent and self-confident via such events and activities.  

All these offerings and provisions make Pacific World School the best play school in Greater Noida West, Noida Extension.  

Browse our brochure or schedule a visit to our campus to gather more information about the school. You can also contact us at our phone number and email id for any queries. 

Note – If you already have a child enrolled in Pacific World School and want to enrol on another, learn about our Sibling Discount. If you want to enrol your child in the upcoming academic session of 2023-2024, fill out the registration form on our website.  

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